Spring Conversation Series 2021

February 19, 2021

Antiracism in Course Content

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Talking circle about antiracism in course content presented by:


Dr. Michelle Kazmer

Professor and Associate Dean

College of Communication and Information


Dr. Dawn Betts-Green

Adjunct Professor

School of Information


Malia Bruker

Associate Professor

School of Communication


Dr. Melissa Gross

Professor and Co-Director of Masters in Information Program

School of Information


Dr. Don Latham

Professor and Education

Committee Chair

School of Information


Dr. Stephen McDowell


School of Communication

Assistant Provost for International Initiatives


Dr. Jessica Wendorf Muhamad

Assistant Professor

School of Communication


March 19, 2021

Motivation, Identity & Representation

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Presentation about the lack of Black and Brown representation in media and subsequent imposter syndrome.

Rod Kelley

FSU Graduate Student

College of Education

(Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)


Andria Cole

FSU Graduate Student

Educational Psychology

(Learning and Cognition)


Jacob Garcia

FSU Undergraduate Student  

College of Communication and Information (Dual degrees in digital media production and IT)


April 16, 2021

Strategies & Skills for Adapting

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Presentation about positioning acculturation strategies for transformation learning and academic success, and mediation skills and tackling bias.

Dr. Adeola Fayemi

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Auburn University 


Tye Bourdony

JD and CFR

May 21, 2021

Diversity Statements 

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Presentation about how to prepare diversity statements.


Dr. Laura Reid Marks

Assistant Professor

College of Education (Counseling Psychology and School Psychology)


Dr. Deborah J. Ebener

Professor and Director of Clinical Training

 College of Education (Counseling Psychology and School Psychology)

Dr. Deb Osburn

Associate Professor

College of Education (Counseling Psychology and School Psychology)


Dr. Taylor Thompson

Clinical Director of ALEC

College of Education (Counseling Psychology and School Psychology)



Fall 2020 Symposium & Book Club: 

Dr. Derald Wing SUe, Keynote and Book club author

3rd Annual Symposium on Diversity &
Inclusion in Research & Teaching

This year our theme is Diversity and Inclusion in Times of Crisis. The global disruption of everyday life caused by the coronavirus pandemic disproportionately strained, as nation-wide crises do, the most vulnerable groups in society. Our symposium will consider strategies, challenges, and best practices for addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in higher- learning environments in the midst of crisis, as well as ideas for keeping issues of diversity & inclusion at the forefront of research and teaching agendas in an increasingly virtual world.
Date and Time: Thursday, and Friday, September 17 & 18, 2020
Location: Conducted Virtually via Zoom

*Registration IS NOW CLOSED

**Please note: you may register for the entire event, or only the portions for which you are available to attend.

See Program Here: 3rd Annual DIRECTO Symposium Fall 2020

Join us for 2 days of concurrent & poster sessions, and 2 incredible keynote speakers: Dean O'Hara O'Connor, Dean of the FSU College of Law, and Dr. Derald Wing Sue, internationally renowned multicultural researcher and psychologist from Columbia University.


A guide for facilitating and participating in difficult dialogues about race, Dr. Derald Wing Sue explores the characteristics, dynamics, and meaning behind discussions about race as well as the hidden "ground rules" that inhibit honest and productive dialogue. Dr. Sue will provide a keynote address at the DIRECTO Fall Symposium on Friday, 9/18, 2020!

Date and Time: Fridays from 10am - Noon

August 28th, September 4th, 11th,  25th, and October 2nd & 9th

Location: Conducted Virtually via Zoom (registration has now reached capacity for fall 2020, but we hope to see you at the fall Symposium!)


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