These outstanding individuals established and shaped DIRECTO into the organization it is today. Some are still at FSU while others have moved on to pursue aspirations beyond campus

Alessandra Mazzocchi - Digital Humanities -  Former Social Media Liaison

Aliza De Nobrega - Neuroscience/ Biological Science - Former Board Member

Brittney Dennis - Sociology - Former Board Member

Christopher Collins - Social Work - Strategic Planning Director

Darius Robinson - Education - Operations Team Co-Director

Erika Fundelius (she/her) - Education - Former Communications Coordinator

Francine Coker - Public Administration - Liaison & Marketing Team

J.T. Bandzuh (he/him)- Geography - Liaison & Marketing Team - Twitter

Jennifer Baez (she/her) - Art History - Former Board Member

Kate Hill (she/her) - Biological Science - Former Co-Chair

Katie Pierson - Theater Studies - Former Co-Chair

Keishan Corley - Public Administration - Former Website Coordinator

Kerestin Goodman - Chemistry - Former Board Member

Rebecca Turk (she/her) - Education - Marketing Team

Susanna Antonielli - Law - Strategic Planning Team

Vivianne Asturizaga (she/her/ella) - Ethnomusicology - Marketing Director

Yancili Lozano T - Urban and Regional Planning - Former Co-Chair