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Originally from Portage, PA, J.T. (he/him) received his B.A. in Geography and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and his M.S. in Geography at Virginia Tech. J.T. 's doctoral research focuses on human-environment interactions related to mosquito control and malaria prevention in East Sumba, Indonesia. Additionally, J.T. has a research project related to pedagogy, specifically flexible learning in higher education which is part of his classroom. J.T. is currently a fifth year Ph.D. candidate teaching World Geography and his own developed course, Geography of Wine. Pillars central to his classroom are active learning (e.g., field trips, games, gardening) and flexible learning (e.g., flipped syllabus, film selections). J.T.’s classroom embraces the world’s diversity of knowledge and is universally inclusive. A former PIE associate, J.T. has a passion for teaching and thinks it’s the best way to spread positive change around the world.