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Lauren Willson is a PhD candidate from the Philosophy Department. She received her BA in Philosophy from the University of New Orleans with a senior thesis entitled “The Horror Aesthetic in Film” and earned her Master’s in Philosophy from Florida State University with a concentration in the philosophy of language. Her current research focus is on relational autonomy with a broader interest in feminist philosophy. While at Florida State, Lauren has served as the Teaching Assistant for several semesters of both Introduction to Philosophy and Fantasy Girls: Philosophical Examination of Women and Girls in Science Fiction and Fantasy and has taught Introduction to Philosophy as instructor of record. She served as the undergraduate academic advisor for the Philosophy Department for two years, during which time she created and implemented an advising program specifically for students interested in continuing their study of philosophy at the graduate level. In addition to this, Lauren was the President of the FSU chapter of the Minorities and Philosophy international organization and is the current Program Director for the MAP Mentorship Program at FSU. She also served as an Associate for the Program for Instructional Excellence for the 2020-2021 school year. Lauren is passionate about working to ensure inclusivity and just treatment for all interested in the study of philosophy and to promote diversity within the field in order to both enrich philosophy as a discipline and to meet the moral demands of equality and respect for all. She is an Air Force brat, but spent the most time in Oklahoma, and in her spare time, enjoys reading, gaming, gardening and spending time with her two excellent cats, Mango and Scruff.